SBpipe allows mathematical modellers to automatically repeat the tasks of model simulation and parameter estimation, and extract robustness information from these repeat sequences in a solid and consistent manner, facilitating model development and analysis. SBpipe can run models implemented in COPASI, Python or coded in any other programming language using Python as a wrapper module. Pipelines can run on multicore computers, Sun Grid Engine (SGE), Load Sharing Facility (LSF) clusters, or via Snakemake.

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Copyright © 2015-2018, Piero Dalle Pezze

Affiliation: The Babraham Institute, Cambridge, CB22 3AT, UK

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Citation: Dalle Pezze P, Le Novère N. SBpipe: a collection of pipelines for automating repetitive simulation and analysis tasks. BMC Systems Biology. 2017 Apr;11:46.